Here We Go!

Since I sit at home, alone save for my two cats, five days a week, I decided to roll up my sleeves and commit to not napping for at least a few minutes a day. Long enough to eke out some words, write a post, and lay claim to productivity. (Aha, see what I did with the title there?) I’ve got a blogging buddy, that has recently started writing herself (see: shiny new blogroll to the right) and she wrote a piece about finding her niche. What makes her distinctive. I suppose I should do the same for myself….

Brief Bio:
I’m a 30 year old gal, that still answers the question, “How old are you?,” with “twenty-t…er…..thirty.” If you follow Emily Post’s definitions I’m a newlywed, married in October 2011. Though, I’ve also heard that if you have a kid, your newlywed status goes out the window. Apparently it’s a whichever happens first kind of a deal, which leaves me in a gray area as the alien in my belly is elbowing me in the bladder. I’m recently unemployed and due to my impending Motherhood, have decided to take that as a lovely sign that stay-at-home wifery and motherhood is next up on my path to greatness.

So that’s me. But there are a bunch of stay at home housewives and mothers whose homes are MUCH cleaner than mine, serve MUCH healthier food, and are, well, just plain old more Pinterest worthy. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I’ve got a bottle of Modge Podge and a sewing machine so I’m on my way to domestic diva. However, in the interest of full disclosure the Modge Podge was just cracked open last week and the sewing machine remains in it’s box since I enthusiastically opened it Christmas morning. (I just need the “right” table to set it up on, I swear!)

All that to say – I don’t think that this is where you’ll find many posts saying thing like, “You know that DELICIOUS 18-tier double chocolate cake? Here’s how to make it beautiful and taste delicious at less than 30 calories a slice!” or “Here’s a simple design of how to make adorable and creative Halloween costumes for every kid on your block for $1.27 apiece!” If anything, I’m thinking more like, “This is NOT what the picture on Pinterest looked like….”

I am trying to cook one new meal a week. And I really do have plans to venture inside the cardboard box where my sewing machine resides. And I am working on my third year of trying to read 50 books a year (which is actually going well!) And I have a whole Michael’s bag of wooden stuff that I need to slather in Modge Podge and make fantastic. Or, you know, usable.

And then there’s that baby. That’s happening. And babies bring a wealth of funny and adorable stories right? And if the actual baby doesn’t, well, I’m sure first time parents do! (Hubby still thinks he’s not going to get poop on him ever! HA! Even I know that’s crazy!!!)

So maybe I won’t be particularly unique. I may not even be particularly entertaining. But when my husband gets home from work and asks what I did all day, at least I can honestly deny just sitting on the couch all day doing nothing!


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